Hunting Coues Deer: The Gray Ghost of the Desert



Set aside some time during the SCI Convention to take in this informative seminar with Dan Adler.  Since becoming a required animal to fulfill the North American Super Slam, demand to hunt the Coues whitetail deer has increased 200%.  Legendary hunter Jack O’Connor considered the Coues deer “the most difficult of all deer to kill”.  Spot-and-stalk hunting a Coues deer today is the epitome of a classic western big game hunt.

In this seminar we are pleased to welcome Dan Adler, the owner of Diamond Outfitters of Arizona and host of Pulse Factor TV, to share with us the history, biology and hunting tactics that have led his clients to a nearly 100% harvest rate on these wary deer.  Many guides and hunters consider the Coues whitetail to be the prettiest deer species on the North American continent, and venison connoisseurs agree it’s the sweetest tasting wild deer meat.  Please join Dan for an informative and entertaining presentation.



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