The New Bone Bracket From SkullHooker


Hunters who choose to mount their skull capped horns and antlers using the skull plate as a base, now have an innovative new product that makes displaying your trophy simple and stylish. SkullHooker has revolutionized the way hunters hang and display their European skull mounted trophies with the introduction of a superior mounting system that offers enhanced features and style. SkullHooker has now used that innovative mindset to create a simple, functional and stylish mounting solution with the introduction of the new SkullHooker Bone Bracket. The innovative system is more secure and solves the problems associated with other mounting methods by offering the advantage of changing the angle and perspective of the mount any time you choose. SkullHooker’s Bone Bracket is the mounting system of choice for several reasons. It replaces a screw through the cap to create a static looking wall mount. Designed using the same, popular, powder-coated bracket system featured on SkullHooker’s Little Hooker and Big Hooker, the Bone Bracket is fully adjustable and allows you to mount and adjust the trophy to the optimum viewing angle and display.

SkullHooker’s Bone Bracket comes in Graphite Black that matches most any room décor. The unit has three main components: the wall plate, swing arm and mounting base. The Bone Bracket retails for $19.99.

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