Five-Star Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Commemorated in Bronze

Finished Bronze of Admiral Chester Nimitz
Finished Bronze of Admiral Chester Nimitz

A bronze sculpture of U.S. Navy five-star Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet in World War II, was commissioned by the Naval Order of the United States, from nationally renowned, bronze sculptor Rip Caswell.

The eight-foot tall sculpture was unveiled in Pearl Harbor on September 2, 2013, coinciding with the anniversary of the allied victory in the Pacific (VJ day) in 1945. The sculpture was installed at the Pearl Harbor memorial at the end of battleship row near the Arizona memorial. The location currently receives half a million visitors per year.

“I’m extremely humbled and honored by this award,” said Caswell; “with it comes great responsibility in capturing the nature of this great leader and to fulfill the vision of this historic monument.”

Rear Admiral Douglas Moore, Commander General of the Navy Order of the United States, whose mission it is to preserve and honor U.S. naval history, commented, “Caswell’s ability, particularly in the eyes and in the facial features of his subjects, to capture the lifelike, true spirit of an individual, is one of the unique qualities that stood out and caught our attention in our national search and selection of a sculptor.”

The national monument will depict Nimitz in everyday military khaki attire.   Says, Moore, “We envision the statue—a reflection of the man as he appeared during those difficult years.”

Rip Caswell creates Adm. Nimitz in clay
Rip Caswell creates Adm. Nimitz in clay

Caswell is popular with private and corporate collectors worldwide. He’s created more than 200 sculptures of various subjects in contemporary and realistic styles.  He’s been sculpting full-time in bronze for the past 20 years.  Caswell is responsible for many other historic and commemorative monuments, including a statue of former Oregon Governor Tom McCall, an Oregon Iraq War memorial; and a 9/11 memorial titled “Strength of America,” which sits at the U.S. Pentagon.

An authority in wildlife art, Caswell’s collectibles are credited to his deep understanding of living creatures – human and animal – in their natural environment.    His works have a life and breath of their own.

Caswell often serves as a judge in competitions and presents at seminars.  His works have been featured in many art galleries, and in multiple publications.

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