SCI Life Member Under Attack

Local villagers butcher Makris’ 55-year-old bull elephant. The one-tusker provided around 4,000 pounds of meat.

Safari Club International Life Member Tony Makris is under attack by the antis and uninformed for legally taking an elephant in Botswana in 2012, the video of which recently aired on the “Under Wild Skies” television show on NBC Sports network.

For the record, Makris informs us that the one-tusk bull was aged at 55 years and provided approximately 4,000 pounds of meat for the local villagers.

The elephant meat is preserved by drying it in the sun.

As can be seen in the video, Makris’ elephant was accompanied by an askari that is seen running and trumpeting after the shot.  Makris’ elephant dropped instantly to his H&H Royal in .577 Nitro Express and Makris delivered an instant follow-up shot as the bull crashed to the ground. The confused askari is seen making a possible false charge and then running and disappearing into the bush as Makris reloads. Moments later, and from another angle, Makris delivers an “insurance” shot to the down bull.

After Tony Makris and his PH inspected the one-tusker, local villagers made use of all the meat as is the case with all elephants taken by hunters.

Following vicious and false attacks from antis, “Under Wild Skies” was canceled by NBC Sports.

5 thoughts on “SCI Life Member Under Attack”

  1. Considering “Under Wild Skies” is produced by the NRA, they were probably just looking for an excuse to cancel it.

  2. I am a Life Member of SCI and proud of it. My trophy room is full of legally taken and imported animals, much like Markis’ wonderful Elephant. If these anti-hunters saw the African government imposed rules against the locals hunting and the much needed protein supplied by these animals they would, I could only hope, banner a different opinion.

  3. When it comes to Elephant hunting even hunters start arguing about it. I’m producing hunting films for the german speaking market since 19 years now. If it wasn’t for the hunters, poachers would have finished all Elephants in all the areas which are not a National Park. Unfortunately we are facing a major uprise in poaching at the moment that even we as hunters can not stop. If it goes on like this we will see the end of Elephant hunting soon. That brings me to the question, did we do enough?

  4. I am a life member of SCI also and have seen how the villagers use the meat from an animal harvested on a safari. The meat from these hunters is about the only source of protein that the villagers have in their diet. And, by the way, I NEVER watch NBC for any reason what so ever. I am sure Outdoor Channel will pick up the show.

  5. Most of the “anti” organizations have well-funded war chests and could care less about conservation and the tremendous impact that sport hunting has on improving the infrastructure in Africa and other areas of the world. Their entire existence is based on perpetuating propaganda and intimidation towards individuals and organizations who practice sound conservation via hunting. They are basically irrational organizations that use terror tactics to achieve their objectives, and the hunting and conservation community continues to make the mistake of treating them otherwise. When we start using the same tactics against them that they use against us, they will go away and the public will be well-informed albeit by less-than-preferred means. The comments above are well thought out and true – but the antis don’t care. I have been a hunter for almost 50 years, and I have also dealt with terrorism and military operations for over 30 years as a professional soldier. These folks are no different than many groups that are labeled as terrorist organizations; they use coercion, intimidation, and the instilling of fear to achieve socio-political objectives. They should be treated as such@

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