New Generation Of Swarovski SLC Binoculars

SLC-Family-(H)Swarovski Optik North America recently announced the next generation of the SLC family of binoculars that will be of interest to SCI Members who travel a lot. The SLC is synonymous with exceptional quality, ruggedness, and reliability. SLC has proven itself in all hunting conditions for nearly a quarter of a century and offers an advanced optical system, state-of-the-art coatings and proven HD optics, as well as the new design.

The high-contrast images make SLC binoculars the best choice for hunting and finding game in the toughest conditions, and for SCI Members, their compact design is also handy when traveling with plenty of luggage. The size ensures maximum comfort when carrying or observing with them, even on lengthy trips. The exceptional SLC binoculars have won the trust of customers from all over the world.

Albert Wannenmacher, CEO of Swarovski Optik North America, emphasizes, “The SLC 42 is a product that has really earned the trust of our consumers over many years. Its ruggedness and reliability are seen in many of the stories we have received from a quarter of a century of happy SLC owners. We are excited for this new generation of binocular built on years of proven technological success.”

The SLC 8×42 and 10×42 will be available in October 2013.

The SLC 15×56 will be officially launched in the US in January 2014.

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