Safari Club’s Mike Flemming Named Tucson’s System Administrator of the Year

Mike-award-081213Nextrio, a Tucson, AZ-based IT consulting group, recently named Safari Club International’s Mike Flemming as Tucson’s Systems Administrator of the Year. Several dozen other finalists were in the running for the award, which earned him an American Express gift card along with the admiration and respect of his colleagues throughout the city.

Nominated for the prestigious award by  fellow SCI employee Rich White, Flemming – who has been with SCI for 19 months – is known around the office as an upbeat, positive “can do” team member and a guy who both relishes the challenges of his job, and someone who can solve even the most difficult problems. For example, in his nominating petition White noted that Flemming came into a situation with multiple antiquated hardware systems, software that hadn’t been updated in more than 10 years in some cases, an overwhelmed infrastructure, and multiple critical demands from all areas of the business, yet he has continued to work diligently to solve problems on the fly while making upgrades and improvements with an eye to the future.  He recently installed an upgrade on one critical software package that had been purchased more than three years ago and hadn’t been installed because desktop workstations and servers weren’t capable of running the upgraded version.  Mike also neutralized the third instance of a new Russian virus that infected SCI’s systems before any virus program could detect or neutralize it.”  Just as important, Mike has changed the perception of his IT Department from one of regulators and roadblocks to one of collaborators and enablers, being truly customer service oriented.

More information is available from Debbie English, PHR/SHRM, Safari Club International Director of Human Resources,; (520) 618-3586.

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