SCI’s Legal Task Force–An Essential Part of SCI’s Advocacy Effort

hunter-0610131Behind the scenes and with little fanfare, a group of volunteers helps drive SCI’s litigation efforts.  The Legal Task Force, a subcommittee of SCI’s Governmental Affairs Committee, is composed of lawyers from all parts of the country.  They conduct LTF business in person, by phone and e-mail.  They advise SCI’s Litigation staff on the best ways to use litigation to protect SCI members’ right to hunt and to employ sustainable use conservation efforts.  In doing so, they have made a huge impact in cases involving hunting on refuges; importing trophies; delisting wolves, bears and antelope; and myriad other hunting and conservation concerns.

The LTF’s origin dates back to the early-1990s and was the driving force in SCI’s drafting of a complaint filed in federal court that challenged the Federal Subsistence Board’s administration of subsistence priorities on federal lands in Alaska.  That lawsuit led SCI to hire its own litigation counsel to complete the work that the LTF started.  Since then, SCI’s litigation staff has grown to three attorneys and functions much like SCI’s own law firm.

LTF members have no involvement with SCI Ethics, Board of Inquiry procedures or SCI’s corporate dealings.  Like SCI’s Litigation staff, the Legal Task Force does not and cannot represent individual SCI members in personal legal battles.  Membership on the LTF does not impose upon members the obligation to represent individual SCI members in personal legal matters.  As private attorneys, completely separate from their participation on the LTF, some members of the LTF have, on occasion, been able to assist individual SCI members in personal legal matters under the terms of private attorney/client contractual arrangements.

The current LTF is composed of the following attorney SCI members:  Chairman, Rew Goodenow, Kevin Anderson, Thomas B. Anderson, Brent Cole, Donald Black, Marc Fong, Elizabeth Howard, John Daly, John Monson, Paul Turcke, Linda Linton, James Berglund, Ned Johnson and Alan Stevenson.

If you are an attorney and interested in serving on the LTF, please contact SCI’s Director of Litigation, Anna Seidman at or 202-543-8733.

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