Add an iPhone To Your Scouting?

Meopta-052213Meopta has a slick new adapter that lets you take incredible close up, long range photos with your iPhone. The MeoPix iScoping Adapter cradles your iPhone and simply slips over a spotting scope or binocular eyepiece at the right eye relief distance to use your spotting scope basically as a huge telescopic lens for the phone’s camera.

As a pre-season scouting tool, such an arrangement is especially helpful to outfitters and professional guides who are spotting game anyhow, and can now take large, clear photos (and video) of the game in their hunting areas for potential clients to see. For hunters who are serious about record book entries, it makes it possible to photograph game, and then take the time to really size up the quality of a potential trophy. And since the photos are stored on your phone, you can instantly blast them out to friends so they can enjoy seeing what you see as well.


The Harris antelope ground squirrel you see here was photographed behind SCI Headquarters at about 50 yards using an iPhone 4 and Meopta’s SD 82 HD spotting scope set on 60x. To give you some idea of how “close up” you can now get with your phone, this species of squirrel stands about five inches tall.

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  1. OK Apple/DROID, here is the challenge. Add a range finding feature to this scouting app and allow GPS capabilities so we can get a real time location on the game we scout and them allow it to download to a mapping program so we can establish trends and migration patterns.

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