WBY-X: Weatherbys Like No Other

Rifles and shotguns in the new Weatherby X (WBY-X) line feature edgy, unconventional camouflage and color patterns designed for hunters and shooters, male and female, of all ages who want to make a unique statement about who they are and what they do afield.


“WBY-X is more than a product line,” said Ed Weatherby, company president and CEO. “It is an attitude, a lifestyle, a distinction that sets you apart from the crowd. The fresh look of these rifles and shotguns goes way beyond what you’d expect in a Weatherby. ”

WBY-X rifles are built on the popular Vanguard Series 2 platform, which is guaranteed to shoot SUB-MOA (a three-shot group of .99-inch or less) with Weatherby factory or premium ammunition. WBY-X shotguns are built on the PA-08 and PA-459 (pump actions,) and SA-08 (semi-auto) platforms.

The WBY-X rifles include models for deer, varmint and hog hunters, as well as for threat response. Specific models are:

  • bonzWhitetail Bonz with Next Bonz camo pattern and 24-inch barrel. A Youth version that comes with a spacer to adjust length of pull and a 20-inch barrel is also available.
  • KryptexKryptek TR with Kryptek  Highlander camo pattern and 22-inch heavy barrel.
  • blackreaperdetailBlack Reaper with Proveil Reaper Black pattern and 24-inch barrel. Also available in a TR (Threat Response) version with 22-inch heavy barrel.
  • hogHog Reaper with Proveil Reaper Hog pattern and 20-inch barrel.
  • girlsGH2 (Girls Hunt 2) with black stock accented by a pink spiderweb pattern. Barrel length is 20 inches and comes with a spacer to adjust length of pull.

WBY-X shotguns include a field model, as well as home/personal defense models:

  • PA-08 Black Reaper and PA-459 Black Reaper pumps with Proveil Reaper Black pattern and 18.5-inch barrel.  Each is available in 12 or 20 gauge.
  • SA-08 Kryptek Youth 20-gauge semi-auto with Kryptek Highlander pattern, 24-inch barrel and a shortened length of pull.

For rifle caliber options and other information on the new WBY-X line, visit www.WBY-X.com.

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