SCI 2013 Artist of the Year–Fred Boyer

Boyer,-FredWith an admiration of nature expressed in each design, professional artist and bronze sculptor Fred Boyer turns clay and wax into works of art. He has taken his love of art and wilderness, which stemmed from his childhood spent in the stark beauty of Montana’s mountain peaks and green valleys, and turned them into a life passion evident in each of his bronze sculptures. Working from his studio, nestled deep in the foothills of the Pintlar Wilderness Area, Boyer blends his passion for the outdoors with emotion and elegance.  This passion has inspired unique detail, movement and authenticity in his bronze sculptures, which have won international renown from art and wildlife enthusiasts.

Boyer’s love of outdoors and wildlife is the result of a lifetime of experiences.

As a young boy and through his teenage years, Boyer grew to appreciate the captivating wilderness that surrounded him in the rugged mountains and streams of Montana. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in art education from Montana State University, Boyer moved to Alaska to teach art in a public school and worked as a guide during the summer months.

In 1983, when the school system had budget cuts, Boyer returned to Montana to work as a guide. Eventually, Boyer’s passion for teaching art led to creating it. He conducted extensive research on animals and birds native to North America, Africa, Asia, South Africa and Mozambique. While experiencing the thrill of hunting, Boyer studies each element of nature so that emotions evoked in the wild may be expressed in his bronze sculptures.  He continues to grow in stature as an exceptional artist dedicated to his work and capturing the essence of nature’s real miracles in the western land he loves.

To give back to the source of his inspiration, Boyer is involved with Safari Club International and other conservation groups.  His superb wildlife bronzes, vivid illustrations and original custom jewelry are displayed in shows and galleries nationwide and on his website,

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