Esplanade Travel Helps Change Air New Zealand Policy

image001Friends over at Esplanade Travel dropped us a note this morning letting us know that they’ve helped clear up some issues with Air New Zealand regarding additional charges when checking firearms.

Their note reads in part:

We are so happy to write this letter–Air New Zealand has reversed their new firearms policy, effective immediately!

Over the past few weeks, you may have heard about the recent changes made by Air New Zealand to their firearms policy. The staff at Esplanade Travel were surprised and angered last week to learn of Air New Zealand’s new plan to charge for firearms, in addition to baggage, because the reasoning behind the charge was completely incorrect.   The original decision for the charge was made at Air New Zealand headquarters, but they neglected to advise anyone else of the new policy, including Air New Zealand staff based in Los Angeles.  Hunters were surprised at the airport by unexpected charges. Esplanade met with Air New Zealand staff last week and demanded that they call a meeting at the highest level to review this policy.  Thankfully, they took our advice and, as of last night, the decision was made to reverse the policy immediately.

This note just received from our Air New Zealand sales director who is very pro-hunting: ‘Jacky, I’m proud to acknowledge that as a direct result of actions taken by you, Bill, and Kit, that ANZ changed their company policy. Way to go!!!
This just goes to show that Air New Zealand truly is a hunter-friendly and open-minded airline.  Although their decision to charge for firearms was misguided and wrong, they showed their loyalty to Esplanade Travel and the hunting community by reviewing and changing policy immediately.

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Best regards,
Jacky & Bill Keith and Kit Schultze, Esplanade Travel

Your SCI Staff checked with Air New Zealand this morning and is happy to confirm that ANZ policy on checking firearms is “No charge if within permitted baggage allowance otherwise standard excess charges apply. Multiple firearms can be carried in the same case/bag up to maximum 23kgs.”

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