Global Rescue Emergency Evacuation

burma-crash2SCI Corporate Sponsor Global Rescue performed a complicated evacuation for a plane crash that occurred on Christmas day 2012. Global Rescue’s Operations Team was notified of a plane crash that occurred just short of the runway at Heho airport in Burma. Among the many casualties were a husband and wife who were Global Rescue members. The wife sustained a minor spinal injury, while the husband suffered burns on nearly 40% of his body and required immediate medical attention. Global Rescue coordinated airlifting the couple to Bangkok, Thailand, where they were transported directly to one of that country’s leading hospitals, and where a Global Rescue paramedic was waiting to oversee their care.

Once the husband’s condition was stable, specialists from Johns Hopkins Medicine were consulted and the husband transported by private ICU aircraft to the best burn center in Singapore. After overseeing several skin grafts during the following two weeks, Global Rescue transferred the husband by air ambulance to his home hospital in New York City. The wife has been fitted with an orthopedic back brace, and was flown to her husband’s bedside. The couple continues to recover.

Global-Rescue-logoIn addition to the life-saving efforts, Global Rescue tended to other matters of great importance to the couple including replacing the wife’s prescription glasses that were destroyed in the crash and recovering the wedding ring that was cut off during initial treatment. Global Rescue also reached out to notify the couple’s daughter, and arranged for bedside counseling after this traumatic event.

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