Number 2 Northeastern Non-Typical Estate Whitetail

#2-Northeastern-White-tailMy hunt was September 17 through 20, 2012 at Quest Haven where more than 2000 acres of mountains are covered with oak trees and a few pines. The ranch is an estate operation that controls genetics and age structure.

Hunting is from box blinds overlooking food plots. Roads and food plots were made with bulldozers and trucked in topsoil and Quest Haven has done a magnificent job in this huge undertaking. There are about 40 box blinds, with unbelievable obstacles to overcome in their construction.

The first morning we saw no deer from the blind, and started walking back so as to not disturb the area. After walking awhile, Heath Walk my guide, said he spotted a big deer bedded down in brush on the mountainside. Looking with my binoculars, I could not find it. All I saw was whitish tree roots sticking out, but no deer. After a while looking, I saw the tree roots move just slightly–THAT was the deer!

We could barely see the deer as brush and trees were in the way. With the binoculars we could see its outline facing away from us resting its rack on a log. The only shot I had was through a 4″ hole in the brush where its shoulder was exposed at an angle.The distance was 80 yards.

Heath asked if I thought I could make the shot. Thinking that might be my only chance at it, I said yes. We sat down on the trail, gun on my knee, scope on 10 power. I leaned my elbow on Heath to steady myself.

Heath told Bryson Weyandt, his brother-in-law and also a guide, to put his knees in my back to steady me. I shot, and nothing happened! My first thought was I had hit brush. Heath, who had his binoculars on the deer, said the rack slightly twitched, and that was it! The “tree roots” were dead!

When we got to the deer, we were awestruck. It was a monster! Heath said it was the biggest deer ever taken at Quest Haven, and guessed it over 500″. Heath called his Dad, Russ, to help us. Lots more “WOWS” and pictures followed. It was a majestic sight to see. 82 points, extreme mass and palmation, 33″ outside spread, and a 20 some pound rack.

The Walk family at Quest Haven could not be any nicer, accommodating or knowledgeable. This was a hunt I purchased on auction at the National SCI Convention in Las Vegas this past January, and I added a few other critters to my hunt. Chris Emery from SCI Headquarters scored this buck for me after and between doing measuring seminars at the Nebraska SCI Convention in February. I am also a Master Measurer, but this rack was past my knowledge. The final score is 569 6/8. It’s the Number 2 Northeastern, non-typical, estate white-tail at this time! I feel extremely lucky, and blessed!–Gale Sup

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