Winchester Razorback XT Hog Ammo Line Expands

Razorback_front_view_HRThe Razorback XT line from Winchester Ammunition promises to be part of the cure for the explosion of wild hog numbers from California’s coast to the Florida swamps. It’s the world’s first line of ammunition specifically designed for wild hog hunting and for 2013 Winchester will give hog hunters more options for bringing home the bacon. This year, the Razorback XT line adds a hard-hitting .44 Rem Mag offering for handgun hunters and shotgun hunters also get shells designed specifically for harvesting hogs with both a Razorback XT buckshot and slug load.

“Wild hog populations continue to grow and so does the demand for ammunition that brings down big boars quickly and effectively,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing, sales and strategy. “Now we’re offering handgun and shotgun hunters Razorback XT ammunition they can count on in the variety of conditions and climates where wild hogs are hunted.”

The 225-grain .44 Rem Mag Razorback XT cartridge includes an engineered hollow point for delayed expansion on extremely tough hogs. The six-position beveled profile delays expansion and strengthens the expanded segments for high weight retention and deep penetration.

Razorback_buckshot_front_view_HRThe 12-gauge Razorback XT buckshot load features eight buffered 00 pellets for hard-hitting, close range knockdown power. The Razorback XT segmenting rifled slug is designed to segment into three equal pieces upon impact for devastating trauma from multiple wound channels. It also features an innovative wad stabilizer for pinpoint downrange accuracy up to 125 yards. Each of the new Razorback XT products will be available at Winchester dealers early this year.

Razorback XT ammunition specifications:

.44 Rem Mag 225 grain 1300 fps
12-Ga. 00 Buck (8 Pellets) 1450 fps
12-Ga. 1 oz. Segmented Slug 1600 fps

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  1. Nice …to have more firepower …but I have taken 100s of ” Wild boar ”
    mainly bow and 22 Hornet …..45 grains . It helps to hit them in right spot.
    Hogs are as overrated as Wh Deer…

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