SCI and CINEGETICA Join Forces–New Hunting Show in Madrid

During past years, there were two competing hunt shows in Madrid, Spain: Venatoria and FICAAR/SCI. Upon initiative by SCI’s Regional Representative, Norbert Ullmann, and the President of the Royal Spanish Hunters Federation, Andrés Gutierrez Lara, the two competitors formed a single company and will organize the one, and only, international hunt show on the Iberian Peninsula: CINEGETICA.

The first edition of CINEGETICA/SCI will be from February 28th through March 3rd, 2013 at the IFEMA Show Grounds in Madrid.


The signature ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement between SCI and CINEGETICA was held end of October 2012 and the photo shows the signatories of the Agreement, from left to right: Marcos Quintas Melero, CEO Cega Multimedia and Expo-Cinegetica; Fernando Saiz, partner of Expo-Cinegetica; Marquis de Laserna, partner of Expo-Cinegetica; Raul Alfonso, Executive Vice President of the Royal Spanish Hunters Federation; Alberto Nuñez de Seoane, junior partner of Cega Multimedia and Chairman of the Board of Expo-Cinegetica; Dr. Marciál Francisco Gómez Sequeira, majority owner of Cega Multimedia and SCI Honourary International Director; Andrés Gutierrez Lára, President of the Royal Spanish Hunters Federation; and Norbert Ullmann, SCI Regional Representative Europe.

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