Milosevic Receives Magnum Ullmann Award


“The Ullmann Award for European Big Game Trophy Animals” consists of 5 Echelons and the “crown jewel” for European hunting achievements, the “Magnum Ullmann Award.”

The first ever recipient of this award is Lovorko Milosevic of Dubrovnik, Croatia (center).

Milosevic hunted in 14 European countries and collected 48 different species in these hunts. He received the truly “magnum” trophy during the gala dinner of the “12th SCI European Chapters Meeting” at Palarikovo Hunting Estate from the Chairman of the Ullmann Award Foundation, Norbert Ullmann (left) who was joined in the ceremony by SCI Bohemia Chapter President, Prof. Dr. Miloslav Vach (right), from the Czech Republic.

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