The Most Powerful Modern Rimfire Cartridge

17Compared6df5cbFor 2013, Winchester Ammunition is arming small game hunters with the most revolutionary rimfire cartridge in the company’s almost 150-year history–the .17 Winchester Super Magnum.

The .17 Win Super Mag has the downrange performance of a centerfire cartridge at only a fraction of the cost. For the first time in history, hunters can expect pinpoint accuracy and devastating performance from a rimfire cartridge at ranges well past 200 yards.
“Our engineers have been developing the top-secret .17 Win Super Mag caliber for more than three years and the rimfire revolution begins now,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of sales, marketing and strategy.  “At 3,000 feet per second it’s the fastest modern rimfire cartridge on the planet. The downrange energy deposited by the .17 Win Super Mag will be a game-changer for varmint and predator hunters everywhere.”

17WSM_front_view_HR_3_The .17 Win Super Mag will initially be offered in three bullet types: a 20-grain plastic tip in the Varmint HV (High Velocity) line, 25-grain plastic tip in the Varmint HE (High Energy) line and a 20-grain jacketed hollow point in the legendary Super-X line. Each .17 Win Super Mag bullet will far surpass the long-range wind drift and bullet-drop limitations of popular rimfire calibers like .22 Win Mag and .17 HMR, while depositing more than 150 percent more energy than both.

“Part of the appeal of rimfire ammunition to high-volume shooters is the relatively low cost,” added Flaugher. “With the launch of .17 Win Super Mag, now hunters will get the downrange performance of a centerfire cartridge at the more affordable price point of traditional rimfire ammunition. It’s the best of both worlds for our customers.”
.17 Win Super Mag specifications:

Symbol Sub Brand Bullet Weight/Type Muzzle Velocity
S17W20 Varmint HV 20-gr Plastic Tip 3,000 fps
S17W25 Varmint HE 25-gr Plastic Tip 2,600 fps
X17W20 Super-X 20-gr JHP 3,000 fps

Each of the brand-new .17 Win Super Mag symbols will be offered in 50-round boxes and 1,000-round cases. The ammunition will be available at Winchester dealers by April 2013.

11 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Modern Rimfire Cartridge

  1. What about the reported loss of accuracy related to the 17 cal cartridges after a limited number of shots which had a tendency to foul the barrel and cause the loss of accuracy.

  2. It will be interesting to see how successful this cartridge becomes. I remember when Remington tried to improve on the 22 magnum with the introduction of the 5mm Remington “592” Rimfire Magnum around 1970. It sounded like a good idea, but ended up a bust within a few years. The 5mm ammo also dried up until Aguila/Centurion started re-manufacturing it around 2000 (I think). The 5mm put a 30 gr. pill out at approx. 2300 fps. w/ approx. 350 ft. lbs. of energy. If the stats. are close, looks like Winchester’s round will beat that by 25-50 ft. lbs. depending on your bullet choice. Happy Hunting….

  3. Hi,
    Very impressive new caliber! Does one need a new rifle to use this or one can use a “old” .17?

  4. Looks like it would be perfect in a Contender G2 rifle/handgun. I bet some of the specialist barrel makers (Bullberry?) are already chasing chamber specs so they can get guys like Dave Manson to make them a reamer.

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