2013 Convention Seminar–Wild Justice

NORES,-John-121912What: War in the Woods and Wild Justice Television:  Benefiting Sportsmen and Game Wardens Worldwide
Speaker: John Nores
Where: SCI Convention, Reno

Lt. Nores and Warden Karnow conduct a PowerPoint presentation and discussion based on the content of Lt. Nores’s book, “War in the Woods,” highlighting the public safety dangers and wildlife resource destruction related to Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) marijuana cultivation throughout America’s public and private hunting lands.

The team presents the benefits to sportsmen and conservation officers across the country.  Learn how this dynamic team helps stop the poisoning of pristine waterways and the destruction of wildlife habitat while also focusing on the assistance to the conservation community by protecting these resources for the general public, as well as for current and future generation of hunters.

Lt. Nores and Warden Karnow also discuss the California Game Warden reality TV show, National Geographic Channel’s “Wild Justice,” (now airing in its second of four seasons).  They show a diversity of segments from the latest episodes of the show, and give a behind-the-scenes account of the challenges and dynamics of working with film crews to make the first game warden reality TV series for public viewing worldwide.

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