Top 10 Reasons to Go to Reno–No. 2

Vicki and Gil Ash
Vicki and Gil Ash

Reason No. 2Meet hunting professionals from around the world

The SCI annual Hunters’ Convention is the only opportunity to meet the top hunting professionals from around the globe. Only in Reno will you find experts representing all segments of the hunting and wildlife conservation community − guides and outfitters, lodge and resort operators, industry experts, technicians, celebrities and artists.

They come to the Convention to share their experiences, provide expert advice and promote the sport of hunting. These professionals are easy to find and very accessible. Look for them teaching new skills and techniques at seminars, demonstrating products on the show floor, signing books and sharing their experiences with fellow hunters.

Outfitters are eager to answer your questions about hunting in different parts of the world and explain the secrets of taking record book trophies and what to really expect on your next guided hunt. Industry representatives can guide you through the selection of the proper gun, ammo and gear for a successful hunt. Artists and taxidermists proudly share their latest creations.

The SCI Convention gives you a chance to share your experiences, needs and expectations with the best the hunting world has to offer. Don’t miss this once-yearly opportunity!

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