30 Years of Service!

Congratulations to SCI’s Libby Grimes, Director of Conventions and Events, for 30 years of outstanding service to SCI, its members and the Annual Hunters’ Convention.


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6 thoughts on “30 Years of Service!”

  1. Congrats Mother! Your a great asset to Safari Club and to its members. I am sure they appreciate your hard work, contribution, and support you give at Convention. Great picture by the way!

  2. Now that you have everything figured out, I hope the next 30 years will be a breeze for you! Seriously Libby, I enjoy working with you and thank you for all your support and friendship to the SCI Foundation.

  3. Congratulations Libby. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to SCI. We are glad to have your leadership at SCI! Also, congrats in advance for a great 2013 Convention!

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