2013 Convention Seminar–Dangerous Game Loads

VANZWOLL,Wayne-120412 What: Horsepower Under Your Thumb

Speaker: Wayne van Zwoll

Where: SCI Convention, Reno, NV, Thurs., 1/24/13, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm, RSCC A10/A11

Dangerous animals aren’t all harder to kill; they’re just necessary to stop!  This seminar discusses rifles and loads you’ll want–from classic big-bores to bolt-action rifles with double-gun punch.  Does bullet weight trump velocity?  What of sectional density?  Do heavy rifles help or handicap?  As for sights, are low-power variables oversold?  Dr. van Zwoll taps other experts and his 45 years afield for insightful answers.  Plus, stop shooting rifles and getting bruised!  Don’t miss this seminar!

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