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Top 10 Reasons to Go to Reno–No. 4

youth-shooting 092412Reason No. 4 – Contribute to Wildlife Conservation, Education and Humanitarian Services Around the World

Each SCI member who comes to Reno contributes in part to the success of hundreds of local, regional and global wildlife conservation projects each year. From lions in Africa to wood bison in Canada to whitetail deer in North America, all of these species and more benefit from a successful SCI Convention.

Many of the funds raised at the Convention are used to sustain Safari Club International Foundation programs for wildlife conservation, education and humanitarian services in North America and around the world. Humanitarian and education services include:

  • The Sportsmen Against Hunger program partners with The Salvation Army to serve full-course meals to the needy and homeless at the annual Feed The Hungry Feast in Reno.
  • Sensory Safari introduces visually impaired children around the country to the wonders of wildlife.
  • The Pathfinder Program provides world-class hunting experiences for individuals overcoming a physical challenge or disability.
  • The American Wilderness Leadership School where leadership, education programs and Becoming An Outdoors Woman annual workshops prepare teens, women and educators to be ambassadors for hunting and conservation in their classrooms and communities.


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