New MonoFlex Muzzleloader Bullets

At the heart of the MonoFlex ML is the MonoFlex bullet–a monolithic solid projectile made from gilding metal (95% copper / 5% zinc) and topped with the Hornady exclusive Flex Tip feature that works as a catalyst for uniform expansion, even at the low velocities of longer range impacts. The MonoFlex won’t separate, and retains 95% of its original weight.

Specifically engineered to provide phenomenal accuracy, penetration and high weight retention, the MonoFlex ML is a “non-traditional”/alternative metal bullet option that is a fantastic choice for muzzleloader hunters.

Available in two sabot configurations; hunters who prefer to use loose powder (or pellets) can select the traditional High Speed/Low Drag sabot. For those who shoot pellets exclusively, Hornady offers the innovative Lock-N-Load Speed Sabots that allow hunters to pre-load pellets onto the “tail” of the sabot, providing an efficient and convenient setup that eliminates any fumbling when trying to load or reload in the field.


  • Innovative MonoFlex bullet
  • Flex Tip technology for enhanced terminal performance
  • Reliable expansion – even at low velocities
  • Accurate monolithic construction
  • High weight retention (95%)
  • Maximum penetration
  • May be used in areas with lead restrictions*

*Check your local regulations


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