2013 Convention Seminar–Youth And The Shooting Sports

Randy-Oitker-aiming-bow111412What: Getting Young People Involved in Shooting Sports
Speaker: Randy Oitker
Where: 2013 SCI Convention, Reno

Whether it is competitive shooting or hunting, studies have shown that if someone isn’t introduced to this sport at a young age, the chances of them taking it up as an adult are greatly reduced.  It is important that the youth get started with the proper equipment to ensure they have the best experience possible on their first hunt.

This seminar discusses whether to choose a gun or a bow, and the proper way to carry it, in and out of the field, and transporting it to a hunt.  We will discuss strategies that work best for young people hunting, such as using blinds, proper cover, the use of treestands, and keeping them occupied, yet quiet, while waiting on the game they are hunting.  This seminar will also discuss the importance of practicing with their weapon of choice, and to make sure that they are capable of making an ethical shot.  And finally, it is critical that they read and understand the laws that apply to the youth for the area, and for the animal that they are hunting.

Please join us for an interesting discussion on engaging the youth in a wholesome hobby.  A brief question and answer session will follow the seminar.


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