New Match Grade Blackpowder From Goex

Olde-Eynsford-blackpowder-110612Goex Powder Inc., the only American-made authentic blackpowder manufacturer for more than 200 years, is setting a new standard of precision with the introduction of its new Olde Eynsford gunpowder.

This new gunpowder is painstakingly crafted with only select grade materials and precision refined processes.  Its uniformly tight grain size ensures consistent shot-to-shot performance.  In response to competitive demand, higher velocities are attained with Olde Eynsford.

“ Olde Eynsford is ideal for cartridge and roundball competitors who demand precise shot placement at long distances,” said Tim Vaitekunas, Chief Operating Officer of GOEX Powder, Inc. “We believe this is the finest powder we’ve ever made in consistency and increased velocity.”

Look for Olde Eynsford in the plastic 1lb. cans at GOEX dealers everywhere in early 2013.  For a complete listing of distributors visit Goex Powder.


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