Convention: World Class Exhibitors

SCI’s 41st Annual Hunters’ Convention attracts the best hunting and outdoor-related companies, year in and year out.  When walking the show floor and meeting with the exhibitors who comprise the Ultimate Hunters’ Market®, Jan. 23 – 26, 2013, you will soon learn why this annual gathering with family and friends is an experience like no other.  The stories swapped are legends in their own right, and they are one of the reasons you’ve circled dates on your calendars for this four-day spectacular.  Join us as we delve deeper into some of the longstanding exhibitors who will be a part of the Most Dangerous Game In Town.

Our exhibitors have come from the farthest reaches of the Earth, and represent every huntable continent in the world.  You will meet exhibitors like Hunt Australia, where you can hunt Asiatic buffalo, rusa deer and many other trophy species. Dakota Outfitters offers some of the best whitetail deer hunting you will ever experience. Hunt Trip Spain offers great European expeditions for Spanish ibex, fallow deer, red stag and many other sought-after species. When you visit them, wonderful conversations will spark that go way beyond hunting and the great outdoors.   The one thing that separates SCI’s Annual Hunters’ Convention from the rest is the fact that over half of our exhibitors are guides and outfitters. Visit the online auction preview to see the hunts that these and other outfitters have donated to SCI’s auction program for 2013.

In addition, many exhibitors create some of the finest artwork and bronzes that would be great additions to your home. Be sure to visit exhibitors such as wildlife artist Kobus Moller, rifle maker Beretta and renowned bronze maker Fred Boyer, to name a few. Their pieces have garnered critical acclaim and they have been longtime supporters of SCI. The show floor also offers some of the best jewelry, furs and handcrafted items from around the world.

While online previewing the show floor, take a moment to view How To Get To Reno. We have included a link that shows direct flights to Reno, or helps find the best one-stop routes to make your travel quick and painless. There are also tools to help book flights, using an interactive map and a list of preferred airlines.

The non-stop fun and adventures of the Ultimate Hunters’ Market® along with the finest exhibitors on the planet make SCI’s convention a must-see event that cannot be missed. To register and receive discounted rates, visit or call 1-888-746-9724. Check the website regularly for a comprehensive list of exhibitors and don’t forget to use our interactive show floor to plan your four-day journey.  Enjoy your fall hunting. We look forward to seeing you in Reno Jan. 23 – 26.—Craig Kauffman


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