300 Win. Mag. For This Pennsylvanian

I enjoyed your article in latest Safari Magazine asking what rifles members use for deer hunting. Living here in eastern PA, my family and I have enjoyed, and been introduced to many of the old-school deer hunting rounds. After I upgraded from a Daisy Red Ryder, my first rifle was a Marlin .44 Mag lever-action. I used that rifle until I went to college in Western Nevada, where I tried to shoot a nice mule deer way out of range in the Elko Area Ruby Mt Wilderness. I found out it wouldn’t do, but after several brief elevation calculations, adjustments, and shots, I did finally get that deer!

I hunted Coues in Sonora using an old-school .264 Win. Mag. It’s a nice calibre–difficult to find, but I actually want to get one for myself.

All three of us hunt with .300 Win. Mag. Remington Model 700 BDLs to this day.

I’ve used .32 Winchester Special, .35 Rem., a BFR .45-70 revolver, .30-.30 Winchester, an old Southgate, CA, .300 Weatherby Mag. and matching .375 Weatherby Mag. (I fought with the firearm manager at Cabela’s Hamburg about such existence). They’re all good Pennsylvania woods brush guns. I also use a .50 Cal Hawkin flintlocks for the late season.

Years ago, my Pop introduced my brother and me to the .300 Win. Mag. His was a Remington Model 700 BDL and I wish I had that rifle back in the Nevada College Days. All three of us hunt with Remington Model 700 BDLs to this day–same calibre and grain bullet, and use them on all game from coyotes thru elk, moose and barren ground grizzly. Dad is getting older and his hips are worn out, but he still shoots straight. He finished his 45 or 47 count North American Big Game Slam and still has the same rifle–that old Remington Model 700 BDL blued stainless model in .300 Win. Mag. He used 180-grain spitzers to take them all except for Alaska Brown Bear and Polar Bear.

I enjoyed the article, and hope to read more soon!–Harold S.


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