Three-Gun Hunter

Jeff G. could do all of his hunting with a .270 Win. (l.) and a .375 H&H (r.) and be completely happy.

In the Sept./Oct. edition of Safari you ask about deer hunting calibers. I killed my first deer with a shotgun. Since then, I have hunted around the world and I am at the Gold Level of the SCI World Hunting Awards.

A PH I had in South Africa who, by law–even as a licensed professional hunter–was allowed only three firearms. He chose a Browning Hi Power in 9mm for self protection, a Remington Model Seven in 7mm-08 for non-dangerous game, and a CZ in .416 Remington Magnum for dangerous game that required as a minimum a .375. I believe Eleanor O’Connor used a 7X57 and, when I had a custom rifle made for my wife, I had it made in 7X57.

I now use three rifles: 1) a .270, 2) a .375 H&H and 3) a 500/.465 H&H double rifle. I couldn’t be happier with the .270 Winchester. Like Jack O’Connor once wrote, “If the animal is too big for a .270, don’t fool around, go for the .375.” The largest antlered elk I ever killed was with a .270 Winchester using 150-grain Nosler Partition bullets. I have killed every species of deer including elk and moose, with a .270, so why switch? It works up close and it works far away. Even Peter Capstick wrote that he couldn’t tell the difference, on game, between a .270 on the low end and a .300 Magnum on the high end. I agree with him. Just give me my .270 and a .375 and I will hunt off into a foreign sunset, happy as a hunter can be.–Jeff G.


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