S$Gear binocular-strap-100112

Lock Down Your Binocular With The S4Gear System

S$Gear binocular-strap-100112S4Gear has followed up its original LockDown binocular harness with a new feature-packed and ultra-lightweight LockDownX Optics Deployment System.

The LockDownX was designed for maximum comfort, incorporating an X-style harness design that evenly distributes the weight of the binocular across your back to virtually eliminate shoulder or neck tension, while holding the binocular close to your body in just about any position. Constructed of high-performance air-weave fabric, the LockDownX is extremely breathable for added cooling during early season hunts. Multiple adjustment points allow easy resizing when wearing extra layers of heavy clothing.

The LockDownX’s wider, low profile binocular shield provides superior optics protection as well as constant security for your expensive binocular, yet it affords the user rapid and quiet deployment. Unlike most binocular harnesses that employ elastic straps and require constant tension, the LockDownX’s unique ShockCord design allows the binocular to be easily raised to eye-level without requiring any additional upward pressure to hold them in place during glassing. The LockDownX is truly the first tension-free binocular harness system the hunting industry has ever seen.

The LockDownX fits binoculars from 5.75 to 7.5 inches in length via the adjustable flap cord, and the hood of the binocular shield can be molded to fit tightly for a low-clearance setup. Available in black or Realtree APG, the LockDownX has a suggested retail price of $54.99 for black and $64.99 for Realtree APG.


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