Grandad’s Savage 99

Savage-Model-99-092412I enjoyed your article on “Favorite Old Deer Rifles” in the Sept./Oct. issue of Safari magazine.  You can go around the world many times but coming home always feels good, so it is with guns.

This is a picture of my Grandfather, Gus McClintock, with his one and only rifle.  He loved deer hunting more than life itself.  When I was five years old, he took me on my first deer hunt. We didn’t get one that day but it instilled a love for hunting, the importance of family tradition and a kinship with this old .300.  The action is smooth as silk, the butt pad is hard as a rock, the cartridge counter is still visible and it shoots as good as I can see with open sights.  Four generations have hunted with this rifle and the fifth is on its way.  Hopefully it will instill the love of hunting in my Grandsons as it did in me over 50 years ago.

By the way, this buck was taken about 1940 in Orange County, CA.  I have always been impressed with the mass, and so was he!–Ross M.


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