Richard B.’s Savage Striker

My most favorite hunting gun is my S&W 500 with a Burris 2 x 7 variable scope.  I’ll be using that next month in South Dakota on a bison firing 440-grain hard cast lead bullets with gas checks at just under 1500 fps.  Hopefully that will do the job.

My second most favorite gun is more versatile due to its longer range.  It is a Savage Striker.  I had it rechambered from .308 Winchester to .284 Winchester necked up to .308.  All I have ever used is 180-grain Nosler Partitions at just over 2500 fps from my handloads.  The factory trigger was horrible, so I had Timney install their rifle trigger in it which required changing to a rear grip stock.  Fortunately, a company (Zero Stocks I believe) was making a wood laminate stock at the time.  They seem to be out of business because I can’t find them now.  My Striker has a Burris 1 1/2-4 variable scope on it.  I killed my second elk with this gun last year as well as having taken five African antelope including eland.  I was worried about using it on eland, but it worked great.  I will admit the range was only about 35 yards.  It took the elk at about 220 yards. If it wasn’t for Canada’s gun laws, these would be the only guns I hunt big game with.–SCI Member Richard B.


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  1. Love handgun hunting! I have a custom XP 100 in .338 WSM that I used to take a nice bull elk with last week. I shoot 200 grain Nosler AB’s out of it at around 2740fps. It has also been to africa and taken a number of plains game including a nice Cape Kudu at 330 yrds.

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