Gary E.’s Favorite Deer Cartridges

Gary likes the 7×57 for deer hunting in woods.

When asked his thoughts on deer hunting calibers, SCI Member Gary E. responds:

“I think like you, that [choice of] deer calibers are a function of age. When I was young and just getting on my feet, I hunted with a 30-40 Krag. I then made it up to a .30-30 lever-gun that, in the northeast, was the go-to gun. Then low and behold the Savage 99 in .308 came into my hands. I thought that was a hot rod.

“As I became more established, the real hot rods came to me with lighter bullets and higher velocities. Enter the 7mm and .300 Wby. Mags, and the .338 Win. Mag. with 200-grain bullets.

“As I age, the ‘older-than-me’ cartridges pique my interest–7×57 Mauser, .25-‘06, and .300 H&H would suit me for the rest of my life. The .300 H&H fills the gap for me between light and medium rifles with 200-grain bullets, and the .338 is still there with 225’s just ‘cuz.

“My go-to deer rifles are the 7X57 for hunting in the woods, and the .25-‘06 in open country. I use the .338 whenever I get the feeling. It seems that .338 finds it’s way into my case everywhere I go. It rarely sees light but it feels right to have it there.

“In the end shoot what you like, and shoot well.”–Gary E.


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