The Complete Book of Making Jerky at Home

Make-Jerky-At-Home-BookMaking your own jerky is easy, fun and economical. Jerky is the oldest snack food in history, and is still just as popular today as it was during our more primitive days.  J. Wayne Fears, author, explorer and outdoor cook, teaches readers of his new E-book, The Complete Book of Making Jerky at Home, how to become master jerky makers.

This Amazon/Kindle book provides instruction and 24 recipes for making jerky from red meat, ground meat, fish, turkey and fruit. Readers will learn about the tools and seasonings needed to enjoy making their own jerky, meat safety guidelines and how to store jerky properly.

The Complete Book of Making Jerky at Home will guide you toward making the best jerky you ever ate. It explains the four primary methods of making jerky, including electric dehydrators, kitchen ovens, electric smokers and air-drying.  J. Wayne Fears states that even though our ancestors didn’t know it, jerky made from lean fresh meat is low in fat and very high in protein, which makes it a wholesome and nutritious snack. Jerky is easy to make in the kitchen, backyard or the great outdoors.  This book tells you how.

J. Wayne Fears is one of today’s preeminent outdoor cooking writers. He has cooked in a wide variety of outdoor settings, ranging from one-pot meals in northern Alaska to elaborate dinners served in plush hunting lodges in Alabama. He has served as a judge at many outdoor cook-offs, and has written four major outdoor cookbooks including The Complete Book of Dutch Oven Cooking.


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