Three Tikkas For The Family

Joe N. recently responded to our question on what guns and loads he uses. He replied with not only his personal favorite, but also the guns and loads his whole family uses.

“My son, Tyler, 14, started out with a Remington Youth Model 700 in 7mm08. It’s topped with a Leupold 2×9 scope.  He took an elk and two deer with Remington Corelokt 140 gr. factory ammo and all were one-shot kills.

“My daughter, Mattie, picked up the same gun and took her first elk with it last year.  It was also a one-shot Kill.  Her ammo was Federal with Nosler Partitions 140-grain bullets.

“This year, they have both moved on to Tikka rifles–both chambered in 308.  One is topped with a Burris Signature Select 4×16 scope and the other with a Leupold 3×9.  They will be hunting elk in five weeks and, based on the holes in the targets, they will do just fine.  They will be shooting Federal Premium Nosler Partition.
“Personally, I hunted with a Remington Model 700 chambered in 7MM Rem. Mag. for many years.  I’ve taken many elk, deer, and antelope with it.  I generally shoot handloaded Nosler Partition 160-grain bullets. Later, I took to sheep hunting and decided it called for a new rifle.  That new rifle is a Tikka T3 Light topped with a Leupold VXIII with the B&C reticle. Chambering is .300 WSM and I shoot Winchester XP3 loads with 180-grain bullets.  With it I have taken a Dall and Stone sheep, caribou, and two elk.  I love it.”


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