SCI Member Likes 8mm Rem. Mag.

You don’t hear much about 8mm rifles these days, but when asked what his favorite rifles are, SCI Member Jim M. surprised us with one. He writes:

“With the help of Dad, I shot my first revolver more than 70 years ago (an H&R Special in .22 L.R.).  I spent the war years (WWII) as a youngster memorizing the contents of the 1939 edition of Stoeger’s Shooters Bible.  As a teenager, Jack O’Conner was my ideal, so at Christmas 1948 when Mom bought Dad a Remington Model 721 in .270 Winchester, my excitement was unbounded.  I shot my first deer with that rifle using 130-grain Remington Bronze Points. My second deer was with a .250-3000 Savage M99 and 100-grain Speer handloads and my first two elk with 150-grain Nosler Partitions.

Though he’s a fan of the 8mm Rem. Mag., SCI Member Jim M. recommends the .375 H&H for one-gun safaris if Cape buffalo are on the list.

“For the past 30 years, I’ve used a two calibers–the .280 Remington and the 8mm Remington Magnum.  The .280 I use for everything from springbok to mule deer and mountain lion. The 8mm Rem. Mag. is for larger game such as elk, red stag, eland and water buffalo.  Because I’m familiar with these rifles and have confidence in their calibers, I don’t expect I’ll make any changes (although I’ve been interested in the new Kimber 84L in .280 Ackley).

“If you’re going to Africa on a one-gun hunt and it will include Cape buffalo, you can’t beat the old .375 H&H Magnum for a great combination of power and reasonable recoil.  Nowadays I’m getting a bit old for buffalo, so I limit my hunts to plains game using the 8mm Rem.Mag. for everything from duiker (solids) to eland (Swift A-Frames).

“Of course, having hunted for so long I’ve had the opportunity to use other calibers–.257 Roberts, .25-’06 Remington, 7x57mm Mauser, and .30-’06, which is still a terrific all-around caliber for a North America hunter.”


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