Do You Have The No. 1 Baja Black-tail?

SCI Records Book Department recently opened the category for the Baja Black-Tail deer as a distinct specie in the SCI Record Book of Big Game Animals and the new Number 1 may already be in your collection. The distribution of the Baja Black-tailed Deer is found on the Baja Peninsula from the southern boarder of California to Caba San Lucas (southern tip of the Baja Peninsula). If you have taken a deer from this area, please make sure you get it turned in. Only SCI Members can enter an animal in the SCI Record Books.  If you are not already an SCI Member, your first Record Book entry is free with your one-year membership.  Join for three years and enjoy three free entries. It’s a great way to document your hunting heritage and help with the scientific and taxonomic information that the Record Book Department keeps.

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