Anticosti Island

Anticosti Island is one of the most diverse places to hunt whitetail deer. On any given day, you could be hunting in a dense spruce forest where a shot will be up close and personal, or glassing a beach where a poke at a buck may be measured in hundreds of yards.  One thing’s for sure; you will see deer—lots of them.

Good rain gear is essential.  If it’s not raining or snowing on Anticosti, it’s because it’s getting ready to.  You will be crossing streams or maybe even marshy, muskeg-like areas, so your best bet for boots is a pair of well fitting knee-high rubber ones with thick insoles you can remove daily for drying.

The deer on Anticosti are not massive and have their own category in the SCI Record Book. Shooting distances tend to be moderate to close, so leave your heavy bean field rifle back in the states. Instead, choose a rifle that is accurate and light, as still hunting is a very effective method there and you could be carrying your rifle for long periods of time. Make sure to use a bullet that exits and leaves a good blood trail because the spruce up there grow so thick that a wounded deer can take a step or two and disappear.

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