Bill C.’s Favorite is a .300 RUM

Bill C. wrote in with an impressive list of rifles he uses, but if he had to narrow it down to just one as his “go-to” gun, it would be his Remington Model 700 LH LSS in .300 RUM. Bill writes:

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“That rifle has never failed to deliver what I asked it to do.  If I were a better rifleman, I would, perhaps, step up to a Model 700 in .300 Win. Mag. My Remington Model 700 in .300 RUM has demonstrated for me accuracy and killing ability out to ranges of 350 yards.  I would not feel as confident with a .30-’06 at that range with a 180-grain bullet.  I am sure there are riflemen who could far exceed my capabilities with the .30-’06 at those ranges, but the .300 RUM gives me the confidence of a clean kill vs. a long search for wounded game and a possible loss of a wounded animal.

“If I were to choose one bullet, it would be the Barnes Triple-Shock, or one of the improved tipped X-type bullets.  If I needed less penetration, the Nosler AccuBond or Partition would be my choice.

“Leupold makes the best reasonably priced scopes.  Ammunition makers are all good so long as they are made in the USA and they use new brass.  Norma, RWS and Sellier & Bellot approach or exceed the US standards, though I have had problems extracting Sellier & Bellot .308 Win. cartridges due to case over-expansion after firing.”


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