SCI Member Dennis G. Uses Interarms/Whitworth

In response to our “Just Wondering” column in the July/August issue of Safari magazine where we asked what guns and loads are your favorite, SCI Member Dennis G. writes:

“I am a long time collector of firearms and have a complete range of rifle to choose from including modern rifles and classic rifles.  I booked a ten-day plains game hunt in South Africa during 2011 and completed the hunt in May 2012. I hunted in the Limpopo area thirty miles from Botswana. I collected nine trophies and all sere one shot heart/lung impacts.  All animals expired on the spot or within 125 yards.  The shots ranged in distance from 75 yards to in excess of 200 yards. The largest animal was a blue wildebeest and the smallest was a steenbok.

“The gun I chose for this trip is an Interarms Mark X by the Whitworth Rifle Company in Manchester, England.  It wears a 1.5-5 Leupold Vari-X III scope and has a three-leaf folding express iron sights. Chambering is .375 H&H Magnum firing a handloaded 300-grain Nosler Partition at 2,600 fps.

“I purchased this gun nearly 40 years ago and have hunted elk with the gun over several seasons.  It is very accurate and is not overweight.  The 24-inch barrel makes an easy gun for me to carry. My choice was based on my long time use of the rifle, the iron sights for reserve use, the ability to remove the scope without tools and the caliber.

“I sighted the rifle one inch high at 100 yards and when shooting on the range the impact is one to two inches low at 200 yards. On the safari, I set the scope on 2X and only one or two animals were shot with the scope at a higher setting. The only bullet retrieved was removed from the wildebeest. It had good expansion and classic Nosler performance. All other bullets exited the animals that were shot.

“I am pleased with the performance of the rifle and feel that I could not have made a better choice for large game combined with flat shooting for smaller game.”


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  1. Searching for a bolt with extractor for a Interarms Mark X 300 Magnum. Can you offer me any help / advice on where to find one? Thanks

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