R.B. Big Bores and Pre-’64s For Frank B.

These rifle and caliber choices come from SCI Life Member Frank B.

“Choosing a rifle for the hunt is always part of the fun and preparation.  Bigger is not always better.  The hunter (he or she) should shoot what they shoot most accurately.

“For North American and African plains game, I have favored using a pre-’64 Model 70 Winchester in either .270 Win. or .300 Win. Mag. Both are scoped rifles with fiberglass stocks.  Those calibers are very accurate and a pleasure to shoot.  The .300 Win. Mag sees most of my trips.

Frank B. uses a custom R.B. Big Bore .416 similar to this for dangerous game.

“African dangerous game requires more gun, not only by law but by shear size and tenacity of the game hunted.  My two favorites are the .416 Rigby and .505 Gibbs.  The Rigby carries a low power detachable scope.  Both guns have regulated iron sights for my handloads.  Guns were custom made for me by Ryan Breeding of the R. B. Big Bores.  They are extremely accurate and dependable, and provide plenty of stopping power.

“I custom load all my ammo, and favor Barnes and Woodleigh bullets for heavy African game, and Barnes, Nosler or Swift for North America or African plains game.  None of those bullet choices have ever failed.”

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