Favorite Guns and Loads of SCI Member Pete S.

The .30-06 Springfield 168-grain boattail was my first love. When I graduated to it, my beloved whitetails would take no more than a few halting steps and go down.

I’ve only been to Africa seven times.

My favorite load there is the .338 Winchester Magnum firing 185-grain solid copper boattail bullet handloads. The only change I’ve made over time is to a lighter bullet.

A Marco Polo sheep was the longest shot I’ve made. It was more than a quarter-mile, and I shot a Dall last fall at nearly the same distance.  It’s a devastating round when it hits and I like the extra horsepower when in bear country

I just love that .338 Winchester Magnum with the solid copper Barnes X-Bullet. It gives me that same old confidence I had when I started hunting with a high-powered rifle. I try to get as close as possible, but in the mountains sometimes you can’t get very close.

I use a stainless steel Ruger Model 77 rifle with a Swarovski 3-9x scope. It’s heavy, but it has never, ever let me down.

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