Space for Art – Tips for Collectors who are Running out of Room

For serious collectors, not much comes between them and a piece of art that summons their affections. Take a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting that sold at a recent Sotheby’s auction for a whopping $110.5 million (with a pre-sale estimate of $60 million). Setting all kinds of auction records, the exorbitant cost did not make this Japanese collector flinch. Continue reading Space for Art – Tips for Collectors who are Running out of Room


Southwest Ohio Sensory Safari Spends The Day With The Visually Impaired

A dozen club volunteers turn out to help eight blind and visually impaired children and ten blind and visually impaired adults interact with the Sensory Safari.  The group worked chapter volunteers over with non-stop questions about the animals and themselves.  One of our AWLS alumni worked with a blind autistic boy who at first would not touch any animal.  Thirty minutes later, he was eagerly following her to the next animal and touching every display.  His mother, with tears in her eyes, commented that this was a much better experience for him than going to the zoo.

Big Aussie Buffaloes!

I’d been there a couple of times before. Greg Pennicott’s buffalo concession in Australia’s vast Northern Territories encompasses, literally, millions of acres, from eucalyptus forest to floodplain to coastline. Water buffaloes like the open floodplains with plenty of Continue reading Big Aussie Buffaloes!

A DIY Gould’s Turkey Bowhunt in Old Mexico

Turkey hunting Old Mexico on your own? Are you nuts??

Once we arrived, we dumped our gear and accompanied long-time Mexican outfitter Jorge Camou (right) on a quick scouting mission, in which we roosted several gobblers.

When I started bowhunting turkeys 20-some years ago – and after scads of abject failure –a seasoned gobbler getter gave me some sage advice. “Bob,” he said, “gobblers were put on this earth to be shot in the head with two ounces of No. 6’s.” Many times, Continue reading A DIY Gould’s Turkey Bowhunt in Old Mexico


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