Iowa Event A Huge Success

The Iowa Chapter’s fundraiser this past March was a huge success raising the most money in 26 years and enjoying record attendance. Left to right Cal Campbell Region 12 Rep, Steve Skold President-Elect, guest of honor and speaker Pete Brownell President of the NRA, Ajay Winter President of the Iowa Chapter and Nels Spevak Past President of the Iowa Chapter.



SCI Counters Antis’ Lies About Federal Commission

Safari Club International isn’t about to sit by idly as anti-hunters attack a federal conservation council and its members.

Anti-hunters never let facts get in the way of an emotionally-based false argument, as is evidenced in their attacks in the media on tomorrow’s meeting of the International Wildlife Conservation Council in Atlanta, GA.

“The shameful criticisms of the IWCC from the anti-hunting community are not surprising but are characteristically unfounded and disappointing,” said SCI President Paul Babaz. “Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has assembled an advisory group of individuals with scientific expertise and hands-on experience with the conservation strategies that are succeeding in Africa and elsewhere around the world.

“Not only is the hunting carried out by the members of the IWCC and their constituencies sustainable, but it has been recognized by scientific authorities around the world, including by the IUCN and CITES, as having a significant role in the conservation of many species. It is time for the anti-hunters to grow-up and recognize that hunting has historically played and will continue to play an important part in international wildlife management and conservation,” Babaz stated.

Three Weeks of Hunting and Sightseeing in Romania

In Munich, I met up with Rob Turner, one of my buddies from Australia, so our flight to Romania was filled with old hunting stories and hopes of new adventures. On the quick drive to the hotel with one of our head hunters, Ciprian, we got filled in on all the possibilities awaiting us on opening day of roebuck. Continue reading Three Weeks of Hunting and Sightseeing in Romania

Flashback Friday – Last Minute Leopard

Editor’s Note: On Fridays we reach back into the extensive Safari archives and dust off a gem from one of our past issues. This week, we travel to Zimbabwe and a long and challenging hunt for leopard. This story originally appeared in the Jan/Feb 1988 issue of Safari Magazine. Continue reading Flashback Friday – Last Minute Leopard

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