Caesar Guerini’s Revenant – The Synthesis Of Art and Technology

The world’s best handmade shotguns have always been a synthesis of art and mechanical design – true masterpieces. Hundreds of hours of tedious work by master craftsmen go into producing a single shotgun that can cost more than a luxury automobile. What if you could utilize Italy’s most modern firearm factory, combined with the cutting edge CNC machining to create such a shotgun? The result would be more reliable and at the same time more affordable. Introducing the Revenant by Caesar Guerini. This is a Caesar Guerini Elite Dealer Exclusive and has a Lifetime warranty. 20ga with 28” barrels MSRP $12,995. For more information, visit, or call (410) 901-1131.


Jose Madrazo Named 2019 Weatherby Award Winner

Safari Club International Life Member José Madrazo, “Pepe” as he is known in the hunting world, has been named the 2019 Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award winner. He was born in Salamanca (Spain), practiced as a Lawyer until retirement and continues to hunt. Continue reading Jose Madrazo Named 2019 Weatherby Award Winner

Anna, Get Your Gun

For teenager Anna Ackerman, a Virginia mid-summer trip to mid-winter Uruguay with her parents was the stuff of dreams. It would be the 14-year-old’s first time traveling internationally, staying in a luxurious lodge, eating magnificently prepared wild game, and getting to see a world and culture far distant from her rural King George home in Virginia’s historic Northern Neck. Continue reading Anna, Get Your Gun

Kansas City Chapter To Hold Expo At Arrowhead Stadium

The Kansas City Chapter of SCI will hold its Hunter’s Expo Jan. 24-26, 2020 at Arrowhead Stadium. Continue reading Kansas City Chapter To Hold Expo At Arrowhead Stadium

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