SCI Record Book Top Common Grizzly

Common-Grizzly-distribution-map-The grizzly is a powerfully built bear with long, thick hair that varies in color from dark brown to pale yellowish-brown. The body is massive and thick, with a prominent hump on the shoulders and a huge head supported by a short, muscular neck. Continue reading SCI Record Book Top Common Grizzly

Wildlife Partners LLC Signs SCI Sponsorship

Wildlife-Partners-logoWildlife Partners, a new player in the rapidly growing global wildlife and conservation sector, has signed on with Safari Club International as a corporate sponsor.

Based on the wildly successful program started in South Africa to bolster wildlife numbers and increase genetic diversity, Wildlife Partners seeks to offer stable investment opportunities to SCI members while helping contribute to the conservation of wildlife.

“Wildlife Partners is an excellent example of the basic tenets of the Safari Club International mission world-wide,” said Phil DeLone, CEO of Safari Club International. “We are pleased they have chosen to support SCI and our pledge to protect our hunting heritage.”

Wildlife Partners is poised to tap into the tremendous potential the wildlife industry has to offer.

Perazzi Offers New DC SXS Target & Game Guns

Perazzi Shotgun Perazzi side-by-side shotguns combine both style and function.

Since their founding in 1957, Perazzi has built world class shotguns desired for their excellent feel, balance and handling characteristics.

Dominating the Olympics as well as all clay target disciplines with the famous MX8, Perazzi is now producing a SXS based on the same proven trigger group.

Perazzi-shotgun-right-CU-072716The New Perazzi DC SXS has a robust action that is a stable platform for exceptional pointability and recoil control. With the same customization options that are available on the O/U, it is the ultimate SXS for high volume competitive target shooting, driven game or upland hunting.


SCI Italian Chapter Protects its Members’ Freedom to Hunt

In 2012, SCI Italian Chapter member Luciano Ponzetto, DOTT, had a very successful lion hunt in Tanzania. Luciano is a veterinarian with an office located in Turin, Italy. For many years, Luciano also provided veterinarian services on a discounted fee basis to a local Turin shelter for homeless animals. He has been a member of the Italian Chapter for 14 years. Continue reading SCI Italian Chapter Protects its Members’ Freedom to Hunt


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