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War in the Woods – Fighting the Marijuana Cartels

Lt. Nores
Lt. John Nores of the Marijuana Enforcement Team and partner.

SCI brings back one of the most popular seminars to the 2015 Annual Convention at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Lt. John Nores and Warden Jerry Karnow will highlight the environmental impacts and threats to wildlife and public Continue reading War in the Woods – Fighting the Marijuana Cartels

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Update From PHASA 2014

PHASA-2014-AGM-111914More than 200 of South Africa’s finest professional hunters gathered at the 2014 PHASA AGM held at the Mpekweni Beach Resort, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape. Topics discussed include future efforts in wildlife conservation, hunters’ impact on tourism in South Africa, and the benefits of what PHASA does to better service international members. Continue reading Update From PHASA 2014

Hope for African Hunting

BODDINGTONCraigSCIconvention2014101313Craig Boddington brings this timely and informative seminar to the 2015 SCI Annual Convention.

With hunting curtailed in Botswana and Zambia, increases in poaching and bans on importing ivory from Tanzania and Zimbabwe there is much gloom and doom surrounding hunting in Africa. As a veteran hunter, Boddington know this has happened before (notably in Kenya in 1977) and offers an historical perspective on the remaining hunting opportunities in the greatest hunting grounds on Earth! Despite obvious problems, there are more countries open to hunting than ever before,  and more affordable African hunting opportunities. Boddington reviews the “roll call” of countries that are currently open as well as countries that have recently reopened to hunters. This is bound to be a popular seminar, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Register Today!



Measuring Seminar At PHASA AGM

SCI is on-the-spot in Africa, helping guides and outfitters there to prepare for the thousands of SCI members who will be hunting there during the coming months and years.

Part of the ongoing and increasing number of ways SCI is partnering with the safari industry in Africa is to conduct measuring seminars so the animals taken by members and others can be scored properly.

Record Book Manager Chris Emery teaches the first measuring seminar held in conjunction with PHASA's AGM.
Record Book Manager Chris Emery teaches the first measuring seminar held in conjunction with PHASA’s AGM.

The SCI Record Book is an important benefit of membership. It lets you document your hunting heritage, contribute to anti-poaching efforts and record the finest examples of hundreds of species of game animals from around the world. Continue reading Measuring Seminar At PHASA AGM