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Up to date information on the very latest things going on within the world’s foremost conservation organization.

Lobby Day 2015

SCI’s Annual Lobby Day was a rousing success! This year saw a 23 percent increase in the number of SCI Members participating resulting in SCI having 20 percent more meetings. Overall, SCI met with a third of Congress in one day to express our concerns for hunting related issues.

Zambia Lifts Big Cat Hunting Ban!

HuntNowstalkingleopardAccording to an article published May 15, 2015 by the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, the government of Zambia has just lifted its two year ban on Continue reading Zambia Lifts Big Cat Hunting Ban!

Delta Airlines Will Continue To Ship Hunting Trophies

deltaplaneSCI is pleased to announce that Delta Airlines will continue to ship hunting trophies, although some other air cargo carriers have announced plans to stop doing so. In spite of the efforts of anti-hunters to pressure Delta to discontinue trophy shipments, business at Delta will continue as usual. Delta released the following statement in response to a petition requesting that the company change its policy concerning the shipment of “exotic” animal hunting trophies: Continue reading Delta Airlines Will Continue To Ship Hunting Trophies

Gored By A Cape Buffalo!

cape-buffalo-021213Walking through the Tsitsingombe River Valley in Zimbabwe four years ago, Angie Heister had no idea that her life was about to change dramatically. Angie and her husband were 10 days into their trip. Continue reading Gored By A Cape Buffalo!