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2015 Convention Seminars – Hornady: Reloading for Big Bores

conv2hornadyreloadhuntforever020714Hunting large and dangerous game requires confidence in your load and Hornady is one of the leaders in helping hunters get the most out of their classic big bore cartridges.

Register for this important seminar at the SCI Convention in Las Vegas and join the Hornady team and guest speaker Ivan Carter, as they explore the techniques and benefits of handloading for the large caliber hunter.

This seminar is a must see for novice and experienced hunters and handloaders! Register now before all the seats are taken!


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Boyt Harness Company Continues Support of Hunting Heritage

BoytharnessguncasesTucson Arizona – Boyt Harness Company has once again shown its support of Safari Club International with the renewal of its corporate sponsorship. Being an SCI Corporate Sponsor demonstrates a company’s increased commitment to SCI’s leadership in protecting the rights of hunters around the world. Continue reading

Photo Courtesy of Bruce Bridges/Bridges Tsavorite

Style Trends – Tsavorite Africa’s Green Ambassador

A 19 ct. Portuguese cut Tsavorite. Photo Courtesy of Wilds Global Minerals.Com, Bangkok
A 19 ct. Portuguese cut Tsavorite.
Photo Courtesy of Wilds Global Minerals.Com, Bangkok

What does it take for a gem to gain the status of being desirable beyond the power of reason? When a gem becomes mainstream, it is coveted for more than just the appeal of its appearance and its properties. It takes time for it to become the stuff of legend that associate it with, say, the invincibility of a ruler, or certain magical powers. The Continue reading